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Airman and Family Readiness

The Montana Air National Guard Airman and Family Readiness Program's mission statement:

Empowering military service members, families, veterans and communities through comprehensive and quality programs, resources and support to develop resiliency and self-sufficiency.

The MTANG Airman and Family Readiness Program Volunteer Point of Contact (VPOC) for 2016 is Ashley Davidson.


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The Montana Air National Guard Airman and Family Readiness Program has developed priorities to help us better serve our members, their families and our veterans.

We are committed to:

Provide continual deployment support to service members and their families throughout all stages of the deployment cycle.

Futher the effectiveness of the Volunteer Program through adequate trainings and monthly meetings. Focus on leadership support.

Develop a comprehensive and dynamic Family Programs marketing plan to better reach our family members, and outside military/civilian organizations.

Continue to provide service members and families with quarterly morale events.

Contact Information

Montana Air National Guard
Airman and Family Readiness Program
Building 26
2800 Airport Avenue B
Great Falls, Montana 59404-5570

Office: 406-791-0122
Mobile: 406-788-8967

Volunteer Points of Contact

Our Volunteer Point of Contacts are here to assist you with deployment-related issues. VPOC representatives are assigned to each group, squadron and flight in the Montana Air National Guard and are trained and qualified to help answer your questions.

To connect with your VPOC select the section listed below:

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Start planning! 🎉
Be prepared!
Thank you for your service, Col. Smith! We were lucky to have you and Mrs. Smith at MANG. Good luck in Illinois! 🇺🇸
Service families have access to this engaging website that helps children connect to an online community of other military kids, prepare for upcoming moves and have fun with lots of games and other stuff.
Homecomings are the best! <3
Purple Up Day is just around the corner!!
&#128156;&#127895;&#128156;&#127895;&#128156;&#127895;&#128156;&#127895;&#128156; April is the Month of the Military Child. These little ones hold down the homefront while their parents serve, they switch schools at a moment&#39;s notice and many will go on to fight for our freedom as well. Thank you to all of our military kids out there -- here&#39;s to you!