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  • A life-changing diagnosis

    Retired Staff Sgt. Carl Valvoda has been a part of multiple changes throughout his short career in the Montana Air National Guard. He witnessed the fighter aircraft conversion from the F-16 Falcon to the F-15 Eagle and also the beginning of the conversion to the C-130 Hercules airlift mission.The

  • Teen Day Celebrates Local Area Youth

    Communities across the nation are stepping up their efforts to discourage the use of illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol and involve their teenaged youth in positive activities. In Cascade County, the non-profit Alliance for Youth hosts an annual Teen Day to celebrate area teens. This year, the

  • F-15 Weapons Crews Certified to Lock and Load

    As the 120th Fighter Wing finishes its transition from the F-16 Falcon to the F-15 Eagle, many sections have had to undergo upgrade training for the new aircraft.  In January, Airmen from the Weapons Shop Load Standardization  Crew (LSC) finished their certification and showcased it by providing

  • Fabrication Builds the Right Tool for the Right Job

    The 120th Fighter Wing's aircraft conversion to the F-15 is well on schedule, as pilots continue with flight training and mechanics learn to maintain the new aircraft systems.      A change to a new aircraft platform can present many challenges to the aircraft maintenance personnel that had become

  • The Honor Guard-Service Before Self

    The interwoven thread that binds the thirty active members of the 120th Fighter Wing's Base Honor Guard, is service before self, and a love for our flag.      The Montana Air National Guard participates in parades, funerals and also presents Operation Patriotism ceremonies. "The program began in

  • The 120th Services Flight...Mmm, Mmm, Great!

    When it comes to services, the 120th Services Flight has raised the bar for the entire Air National Guard.      "It really is fun to attend drill," said Staff Sgt. Crystal Hoffman, an eleven-year member of the unit. As head baker and unit career advisor she gets to mentor the new arrivals.  "We have