The Team

    • TSgt Josh Allstead

      Josh Allestad


      Josh is a third generation Air National Guardsman who has been in multiple jobs within the organization. His military service began in 2008 with the Army National Guard. He has deployed with the 120th Airlift Wing and the C-130 airframe. His combined experiences and lifetime commitment to the Air Guard provide a diverse opportunity to assist his recruits in finding the best career to help them achieve their goals.

    • TSgt Bryanna Suazo

      TSgt Bryanna Suazo


      TSgt Suazo is a Production Recruiter with Joint Force Headquarters based in Great Falls, Montana. She joined the Montana Air National Guard when she was only 17 years old and a senior in high school. Her job previously before coming to recruiting was Services which entailed cooking for the guardsmen on drill weekends. She was hired onto the team in May of 2019.

    • TSgt Scott Hampton

      Scott Hampton


      Scott started his Air Force career in 2002 as he entered the Active Duty Air Force. He has been part of several different units across the country as well as been in every component of the Air Force to include the Air Force Reserve. He found his home with the Montana Air National Guard in 2012 and has loved being part of this amazing team and enjoys helping people join this excellent organization, too. He is a family man, loves fantasy football and has a passion for recruiting.

    • TSgt Corey Stubbs

      Corey Stubbs


      Corey hails from the proud heritage of the 219th RED HORSE Squadron where he served with his fellow horsemen for over 10 years.  Corey’s background as a Structural Craftsman is full of interesting tales that lead you from building obstacle courses for Navy Seals to deployments overseas in both wartime and peacetime efforts.  His time with the RED HORSE has given him perspective and experiences that he loves to share with potential future proud serving members. 

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    • Benefits
      100% Montana University System TUITION WAIVER 
      • Attend Public Montana Colleges and Schools Tuition Free
      • For use at state affiliated schools
      • Covers in state tuition
      • Other Education Benefits Available
      HEALTHCARE Tricare Reserve Select
      • Member-only coverage is currently only $47.20 per month
      • Family coverage is currently $238.99 per month
      • Deductible of $50 per individual/ $100 per family (for E-4 and below)
      • Yearly out of pocket cap of $1,000
      • Details at https://www.tricare.mil/Plans/HealthPlans/TRS
      • Associates Degree based on your military occupation.
      • Automatically earn college credit for Basic Training, Technical School, and Leadership training
      • Transfer credit to your school to help earn your degree faster!
      • Save time: Depending on the college's CLEP policy, satisfactory CLEP exam scores can earn up to 12 credits.
      • Save money: The cost of a CLEP exam is FREE for unit members. 
      • Make college more interesting: Skip general introductory courses and move on to more advanced classes. CLEP can help you to the finish line if you're a few credits shy of graduation.
      • $11 for the member
      • $28.99 for one additional family member
      • $86 for Sponsor and entire family
      • Details at https://www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/Dental/TDP
      LIFE INSURANCE  Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
      • Up to $400,000 of coverage for $28 per month
      • Spouse up to $100,000
      • $10,000 for children at no cost
      • BASE GYM
      • BASE EXCHANGE: Military Department Store comparable to Target or Kmart
      • COMMISSARY: Military Grocery Store comparable to Albertsons, Smith’s….
      • AUTO HOBBY SHOP: offers an opportunity for individuals to complete major and minor repairs on their own vehicles 
      • ARTS AND CRAFTS HOBBY SHOP: build, shape and restore woodcrafts, auto repair and other hobbies
      • RECREATION SUPPLY:  Rent recreational equipment such as:  camping gear, fishing gear, skies, and other sporting equipment
      • BOWLING
      • Contribution based retirement (like 401K)
      • Matching Contributions up to 5%
      SPACE “A” TRAVEL: 
      • Travel the world on Military Aircraft

      **Federal education benefits are available to all unit members provided they enlist for 6 years. These benefits are available to our members after completion of basic military training (boot camp) and technical school. If you have prior military service, you must complete any technical school requirements and have used all active duty Montgomery GI bill benefits you are entitled to prior to receiving Air National Guard educational benefits. This program is a non-contributory benefit, meaning no payment or reduction in pay is required from you to receive these benefits.