CFC kicks off at the 120th AW

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Eric Peterson
  • 120th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office
The Combined Federal Campaign held its first organizational meeting at Malmstrom Air Force Base September 28.

The 120th Airlift Wing CFC coordinator attended the meeting and said new services were recently added to the local program to make charitable giving easier for Airmen.

120th AW administrative officer 2nd Lt. Bradley Gauvin said that while pledge cards and booklets are still available from group point of contacts, there are additional ways to give this year.

The CFC is the only organization approved by the United States government that can solicit charitable donations from military and federal civil service personnel.

"Technicians and AGRs (Active Guard and Reserve employees) can go on to MyPay and select the CFC campaign where they can enter the information and select the charities that they like," Gauvin said. "There's also the new CFC Nexus, which is another website for one-time donations that really allows you to go in, select your data, select where you're from, plug in the information and do a one-time donation."                   
Gauvin said all wing members can participate in the campaign. AGRs and technicians may prefer to use the MyPay option while drill-status guardsmen can use the CFC Nexus option to contribute to their favorite charities. 

Gauvin said that using the services of the CFC allows individuals to select from local, state-wide, regional or national charities and provides the contributor with vital information such as the percentage of administrative costs associated with each charity.

Gauvin said the three ways to donate have worked well in other states and he is excited to bring secure internet-based systems to work at the 120th AW.

"It gives us a great opportunity that our DSGs didn't have before," Gauvin said. "We don't have to fill out the paper copy, we don't have to wait for the check to clear, you can go in and you can donate right now and you can get receipts right now for it."

The CFC Campaign begins October 1 and will run through December 4, but members can continue to donate through December 15. The local goal for the 120th Airlift Wing has been set at $10,000.