Senior Leadership Sets the Pace

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Eric Peterson
  • 120th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Colonel Pete Hronek and members of the 120th Fighter Wing's senior leadership completed their fitness tests at the Malmstrom Air Force Base Fitness Center on Saturday of the July Unit Training Assembly. The senior leaders were tested by members of the 120th Services Flight Fitness Assessment Cell on their performance of sit-ups, push-ups and the mile and a half run.

Staff Sgt. Alesha Waltman serves as a member of the Fitness Assessment Cell and monitored the Senior Leadership during their fitness tests.

"We weigh them and make sure that their paperwork is up to date and everything is current, make sure that everything is safe, and they're ready to do their sit-ups, push-ups and the run," said Sergeant Waltman.

The $12 million Fitness Center was completed in May 2009, and features numerous weight machines, treadmills, a climbing wall and a one-eighth mile running track located on the upper floor. Twelve laps around the level, cushioned track equals the distance required for the test.

The weather can be a factor in whether unit members can run the track located at the 120th Fighter Wing, so the indoor track at Malmstrom provides a good option to complete the run. A digital clock mounted on the wall of the facility allows runners to monitor their progress.

The Fitness Center also welcomes members of the Montana Air National Guard to use its facilities during off-duty hours. This can be convenient for airmen living on the east side of Great Falls, but Col. Hronek reminds unit members that the 120th Fighter Wing also maintains a first-class fitness center located on its base.

Col. Hronek said that making fitness a regular part of an airman's lifestyle will help improve their health, decrease their stress and make them ready for combat. "We're Airmen-warriors and we can be out in combat at any time. You've got to be able to take care of yourself, and be confident that the person next to you can take care of themselves too," he said.

Sergeant Waltman enjoys being able to help unit members succeed with the annual fitness requirement.

"I like the motivation. If you have a great attitude about the team, everybody else will," she said.

Physical fitness remains a key element of combat readiness. "We like to fly, fight and win so whether it's in the air or on the ground we've got to be in shape," said Col. Hronek.

This was the second year that the senior staff completed their fitness test during the month of July. Col. Hronek says that the Senior Leadership plans to maintain that testing schedule in future years.