Civ-Aires: the social link between MAFB, MTANG and civilians

  • Published
  • By Maj. Rick Anderson
  • 120th Fighter Wing
Public Relations officers in the military are not noted for burning the midnight oil writing about social clubs; however, after spending a few moments at the monthly Civ-Aires gathering, I found their friendly relations and motivation to be very contagious.
     "The purpose of Civ-Aires is pretty simple," said President Kim Molloy who jokingly said she could be referred to as Madame President, "It is to create friendly relations and understanding between the military and civilian members."
     Molloy, who is a pharmaceutical representative and whose husband Jack has a local, private practice as a gastroenterologist, said that Civ-Aires was started in 1957 by spouses of members of the Military Affairs Committee. "Mrs Frances Jensen was the first president and she fashioned Civ-Aires after a similar group in Texas," said Molloy. "Civ-Aires is an organized social link between Malmstrom, the Montana Air National Guard and civilian spouses."
     "I feel the benefit of Civ-Aires is two-fold," said Molloy who has been a member for about eight years. "First, MAFB and the MTANG are such an integral part of our community, I feel it is important to be well informed about who they are and what they do, whether it's the difference between an F-15 and F-16 or how the military is taking care of their people through the Yellow Ribbon Program."
     "Secondly, I feel it is important for us, as civilians, to be advocates for Great Falls." She went on to say that, this is a great community and we have a lot to offer.
     The social year begins in October and concludes in May and the club meets on the first Tuesday of the month - usually over the lunch hour. The next meeting is March 1 held at one of the member's home and will include a wine tasting event.
     Throughout the year, meetings are hosted by MAFB, the MTANG, the Meadowlark Country Club or a member will volunteer their home for the get-together.
     Sixty-seven active members are involved in Civ-Aires and the club is open to both male and female.
     Civ-Aires brings a plethora of experience to their panel: President and advisor Devan Smith, secretary Kim Schulke, Treasurer Gay Nevin-Larsen, membership Trina Thayer, social Michelle Marmom and Sanford McAllister, reservations Val Flaherty and Karlie Abbott. Representing MAFB is President Elaine Frankhouser, advisor Marsha Cotton, Treasurer Michele Ard, reservations Kim Buzzell and representing the MTANG are President Diane Livingston and advisor Traci Hronek.
     "I welcome anyone who might be interested to come to a meeting as a guest to see if they would like to become a member," said Molloy.
     For more information about Civ-Aires, you can telephone Kim Molloy at 406-799-3297.