MTANG's senior leadership completes fit test under new guidance

  • Published
  • By Maj. Rick Anderson
  • 120th Fighter Wing
Senior leadership from the Montana Air National Guard switched uniforms last Sunday from flight suits, ABUs and boots and exchanged them for shorts, T-shirts and running shoes.

Top management, including the Commander of the Montana Air National Guard, Brig. Gen. Brad Livingston, 120th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Pete Hronek, Vice Commander, Col. Matt Lynde, and Command Chief Master Sgt. Jayne Hewett, the wing command chief set the example and completed the Air Force Fitness Test under the new standards implemented July 1, 2010.

Group commanders, the deputy mission support group commander, the human resource officer and the chief of safety also completed the four-part test.

No stranger to running and fitness, the Mission Support Group Commander, Col. Troy Frost aced the assessment with a score of 100 percent. The Deputy Mission Support Group Commander, Lt. Col. Dan McGee completed with an impressive 99.8 percent.

Overall, all ten senior leaders pass the test, with eight-out-of-ten finishing with a score of 90 percent or higher - an excellent rating by Air Force fitness standards.

The Air Force Fitness Test assesses an Airman's abdominal circumference, pushups and sit-ups completed in one minute and the 1.5-mile run. Airmen receive age and gender-specific scores based on the following components: 60 points for the run, 20 points for the waist measurement, 10 points for pushup and 10 points for sit-ups.

Airmen achieving and maintaining excellent fitness assessment scores will be allowed to wear a patch on their PT uniform recognizing their accomplishments.

The patch is presently in the production stage. Credit for fitness assessment scores toward wear of a patch becomes effective July 1, 2010. Officials anticipate availability of the fitness patches in military clothing sales stores to be late summer.

The physical fitness patch features a blue, stylized human figure over a representation of a globe, encircled by a red or gray band inscribed "AIR FORCE FITNESS" at the top and "EXCELLENCE" or "SUSTAINED EXCELLENCE" at the bottom. The patch for Airmen earning a perfect 100 score on their fitness test also feature two lightning bolts in white or blue on the outside bottom of the circle for one time or sustained scores, respectively. The globe represents the universal importance of fitness and the stylized human figure emphasizes the significance of striving for enhanced personal fitness for each Airman in today's Air Force.