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  • Published
  • By Col. Patrick Hover
  • 120th Operations Group Commander
I sincerely hope all of you experienced a Wingman Day that was meaningful to you in some way. 

Our guest speaker was Col. Richard Tatem from the Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE). His personal story is one of tragedy with a member of his family-his son.  It is a story coming from a man who has walked down the hard road of life. 

I was shocked by the reality of his situation and the events he looked back on after the tragic ending of his son's life, the things he wished he would have changed or paid more attention to. Please think about those things and the important people and relationships in your life.

The goal of that particular Wingman Day was to try and reset our team's thinking and to remind us that we as a team are going to succeed or fail together. 

Everyday interactions with each other over time can result in a positive relationship outcome or one of mistrust and bad juju, sometimes ending with serious consequences.  It's the little things that add up to the big things.  If we get the little things right more often than not the big thing is a success. 

From the newest Airman to the Wing Commander, we are a team. 

Let's get real for a minute. We talk in this unit that we are a family.  Are we?  We certainly spend most of our adult lives together. 

Do we look out for each other like family does?   Do we take the time to get to know the newest Airman that joins our family? Do we include them?  Do we look for the good in others, or are we looking to bring them down to raise ourselves up?  Do we support each other, and help those that are having a tough go of things?  Do we seek out mentorship? Do we ask for help when we need some?  Take the "we" out of all the questions above and ask yourself, "Do I?"

I, for one, will look myself in the mirror and ask that very question, every day.

January 2016 rolled my clock to 30 years of service in this unit.   That adds up to 30 flu shots, 325-plus drills and only 20 or so Wingman Days.  I'm proud of our Wing and the things we have accomplished and will accomplish in the future, but ARE we a family? If the answer is "yes" it makes me ponder...shouldn't every day be a Wingman Day?